Punk Rock Whale Song (76x Marin Headlands)

Punk Rock Whale Song (76x Marin Headlands)

I’m rewatching that scene in Star Trek IV

where Spock knocks out the aggressively rude

boombox wielding Punk On Bus crossing

the Golden Gate Bridge, and then everyone claps.

I would clap, too, probably.

Having myself taken that bus across the bridge

I wonder where the punk was heading, exactly.

Did he plan to blast slick riffs at the sick seals?

Boombox Punk doesn’t seem the type to walk the beach

contemplating whale spouts, or guessing at the potential

existence of disaffected punk whale rock.

Blow it up your Hole, cetacean menace.

No, the punk was headed to the missile batteries

where streaking rockets from the headlands could only have

signaled the immediate and total annihilation of any

insufficiently underground music venue.

Punk on Bus planned to climb down into the silo catacombs

let that noise filter into every crevice in the mountain

from which Nike could sprint, no herald to victory,

overwhelming missile launchers with the sheer sound of defiance.

Earth is perched on the cliff edge of apocalypse,

not only in the cinema. To understand the warning sirens

we need to listen with a different type of ear.

Extinction threatens, are we the hell listening?